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  • Single Acting Hydraulic Cylinders

    A single-acting cylinder in a reciprocating engine is a cylinder in which the working fluid acts on one side of the piston only. A single-acting cylinder relies on the load, springs, other cylinders, to push the piston back in the other direction. Single-acting cylinders are found in most kinds of reciprocating engine.

    The working mode of cylinders with single acting operation is very simple. The supply of hydraulic fluid is implemented only on one side, which is why it can be operated only unilaterally. The return movement in this procedure is usually performed by a spring and sometimes also by its own weight if the force is not too great. A cylinder with single acting operation can usually be operated using a diverting valve. Operation using correct and appropriate components is also possible.

    There are also hydraulic cylinders with single acting operation with spring movement to the starting position. They are especially suitable for low force return movements. The main scope of these simple hydraulic cylinders is all kinds of breeches. An alternative option is air suspension.

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    The most important advantage of cylinders with single acting operation are:

    Smaller moving force,
    Small installation length,
    Small force of the return movement.

    Hydraulic cylinders with single acting operation do not depend on electricity and are used particularly for simple tasks like operating flaps or doors, ejection devices or drawers.

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